Horticulture LED Lighting


Optimize your growth systems with LED for sustainable crop cultivation, all year round.

LEDs provide the perfect lighting for all types of plants & flowers. LED-based horticultural lighting systems are now capable of achieving photon efficacies 45% greater than HPS fixtures.

HPS fixtures rely on reflectors to spread light evenly over a crop canopy since there is only a single source fixtures. LEDs have a directional light source with custom beam optics that can create very uniform light patterns without the use of reflectors.

Not all LED lighting systems are created equally and there are many factors which will determine the number of fixtures needed in a horticultural lighting system.  Consult with Next Sales and Marketing to help with your lighting designs to show average PPFD at defined mounting heights and the light distribution patterns for your facility.

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Greenhouse Farming

In a greenhouse you want to harvest the sun as much as possible. 

For Canadian greenhouses, this poses a challenge through the winter months during limited day light for optimal production. LED fixtures can create an efficient supplement light source to improve production all year around under low light conditions.  



Vertical Farming

Leafy greens and herbs crops, the latest movement is to vertical farms where many racks of plants are stacked and in which the LED lighting is placed very near the plant canopy.

Heat which rises and can overheat the growing space, making the LED ideal for use in cultivation areas arranged in vertical stories. 




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