Recycled wood gives local

Restaurant a new look


Client: The Five Fisherman Restaurant

City: Halifax

Architecture Firm: Breakhouse |

Manufacturer: LumenTruss |Wood Series |

IMG_9922 2.jpg

Woodmotor Ford Upgrades to LED


Wood Motors Ford, Fredericton, NB was looking to upgrade their exterior lighting in 2015 to LED not only to save energy but to improve light quality.  Prior to upgrading the lighting at Wood Motors Ford they were using 23 fixtures at 1000W HID for the parking lot lighting, and 7 400W HID wall mounted fixtures and using over 92000 kW per year.   After deciding to go with Cree we not only reduced their annual energy down to 32,500 kW but we improved the light quality by offering 90+ CRI, higher light levels, and better uniformity.  With the new Frontline optics developed by Cree we are able to achieve over 24 foot candles and an average of 5 foot candles throughout.  

CREE TRUEWHITE® TECHNOLOGY A revolutionary way to generate high-quality white light, Cree TrueWhite® Technology is a patented approach that delivers an exclusive combination of 90+ CRI, beautiful light characteristics, and lifelong color consistency, all while maintaining high luminous efficacy – a true no compromise solution.  



Warm design for a classic downtown bank


Electrical Engineer: A.H. ROY & ASSOCIATES, Antigonish Nova Scotia

Designer: NEWGROUND, Toronto Ontario

Architect: GREGORGY M. WARD, Toronto Ontario



A Thornvale Estates landscape gets a new look 


FX Luminaire

  • 6 Luxor Panels with Wifi
  • 55 NP 6 LED Uplight's
  • 15 LC 6 LED Flood Lights
  • 30 JS 6 LED Pathway Lights
  • 20 NL 3 LED Downlights
  • Complete Wireless Controls - IOS and Android Compatible



From Design to Reality

The New Nissan Dealership in Truro



Electrical Consultant : MCW Truro

Lighting Requirements : Nissan Specification

Technology: 100% LED 

Exterior Lighting Restrictions : Very close 102 Highway off ramp, minimal to no light spill 



  • Front Line
    • 32 AVG F/C using the Cree Edge HO with Automotive Front line Optics on 25' Poles
  • Interior Parking lot
    • 13 AVG F/C using the Cree Edge HO Type V Short Optic on 30' Poles
  • Perimeter Lighting
    •  Light spill limited to 0.5 AVG F/C on the Off Ramp on 25' Poles


  • Showroom
    • Cree Custom Lighting Cloud to provide very uniform lighting with no glare
    • Cree ZR 2x2 3200 Lumen 90 Plus CRI
    • Cree Decorative Pendants featuring the Cree LED A19 lamp
  • Waiting Area/Service and Parts Counter
    • Cree ZR 2x2 3200 Lumen 90 Plus CRI
    • Cree LS Linear 4000 Lumen Row Mounted
  • Service Garage
    • Cree CXB 18,000 Lumen with Clear Acrylic Reflector and Drop Lens